About CoverYoo

What we're trying to accomplish

Provide a no-cost, no-obligation life insurance pricing service without subjecting you to a bunch of spam, robo-calls, and sales pitches.

Making the process of learning whether or not you need insurance and how much it might cost you easier. We want to answer your questions about Life Insurance in simple, plain English.

Help you get the most out of your insurance coverage throughout your life.

Why Us?

We come to the life insurance market as “civilians” - meaning that most of us have struggled through the process of trying to buy life insurance one time or another and not feeling all the better for it. We want to change that and, as we we’ve come to discover, life insurance is too important a tool to be mishandled in the market as badly as it currently is.

About the team

The core of CoverYoo’s rapidly growing team is made up of veteran software entrepreneurs, software engineers and insurance industry experts.

Contact Us




CoverYoo, LLC

134 NE 1st Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33444

E-mail: coveryoo2@gmail.com

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